We are Australia’s Autogas Supplier

  • Unigas is a provider of Liquified Petroleum Gases. We have been providing Australians with fuel for their taxis since 1984
  • Unigas is the Autogas division of Elgas, Australia’s largest LPG marketer
  • Using Autogas creates appreciably less carbon dioxide (CO2) than unleaded petrol. CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas causing long term climate change. Overall tailpipe emissions can be up to 15% cleaner using LPG Autogas instead of petrol.

Unigas is owned by Elgas. Here is some background.

Elgas is Australia’s largest marketer of LPG.

o   Elgas are a part of the Linde Group, the world’s largest industrial gas company, established in 1879.

o   Elgas have been providing LPG gas to Australian homes since 1984 with an extensive range of home heating solutions, kitchen and BBQ fueling and fleet transport fueling solutions.

o   Elgas operates Australia’s largest LP gas storage facility, ‘The Cavern’ at Port Botany.

o  Find out more about Elgas by clicking here