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We are committed to providing a cleaner, cheaper, more convenient fuel, keeping Australian motorists on the road.

Autogas is a cleaner, cheaper and more convenient fuel. 

Unigas is Australia’s largest provider of Autogas. We have been providing Australian’s with fuel since 1984, keeping Australian drivers on the road.

Did you know?

Emitting 15% less

Autogas is a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG is a cleaner and more environment friendly fuel alternative, emitting around 15% less greenhouse gases.

Prolongs the life of your engine

Using LPG is also better for car engines, as it reduces wear and carbon build up during the internal combustion process. This potentially prolongs the life of your engine.

Over 2,500 locations

There are over 2,500 LPG-enabled service stations around Australia.

46% cheaper than traditional fuels

LPG is 46% cheaper than traditional fuels, such as petroleum or diesel. Take a look at the Australian Automobile Association average fuel prices.

How about the health advantage

Traditional petroleum and diesel fuel systems create dangerous carcinogens and greenhouse gases that cause 3.6 million deaths each year (WHO), making them the forth-largest cause of premature deaths in the world.

Autogas is 80% less harmful*

We are providers of a cleaner burning, lead-free fuel-alternative. Traditional petroleum and diesel fuel systems create dangerous carcinogens and greenhouse gases that cause 3.6 million deaths each year (WHO), making them the fourth-largest cause of premature deaths in the world. Autogas systems produce 80% less particulates than diesel.

*Information regarding causes of death from World Health Organisation. 


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Autogas is up to 46%
more economical*

Autogas is 46% cheaper per litre than traditional petrol and diesel fuels. 

Smoother combustion means more reliable performance. The use of autogas reduces engine wear and internal carbon build up, prolonging the life of your engine.

Choose a cleaner, more convenient fuel for tomorrow.


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Autogas for LPG Cars

Using Autogas creates appreciably less carbon dioxide (CO2) than unleaded petrol.  CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas causing long term climate change.  Overall tailpipe emissions can be up to 15% cleaner using LPG Autogas instead of petrol.

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We are Number Driven

887.46kg less CO2 each year / 80% less harmful ambient particulates

$1155.44 in fuel savings / 46% CHEAPER

Over 2,500 service stations currently offering Unigas

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FAQ for Autogas

Find out more about LPG Autogas by clicking through to our FAQ page.

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Vehicle Safety

The Australian standards for LPG vehicle conversion are amongst best in the world.

These standards see LPG vehicles mirroring the safety of their petroleum and diesel counterparts.

LPG vehicles are no more expensive to insure than a petroleum or diesel vehicle.

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Fuel Cost Savings Calculator

One of the biggest advantages of LPG powered vehicles is the savings realised on fuel costs.  Autogas is the safe, inexpensive way to run your car.

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Environmental Benefits

Unigas provide a non-corrosive, non-toxic and lead-free fuel alternative.

One small car operating on Autogas will produce 887.46kg less CO2 than their petroleum and diesel counterparts.

Beyond that, there are 80% less harmful particulates produced by Autogas compared to diesel and 15% less carcinogens than petrol.

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Autogas is Convenient. 

Australia has the largest number of refuelling stations in the world per capita meaning a top up is just around the corner, with two-thirds of service stations offering LPG.

The Autogas Benefit

We are committed to providing you with a cleaner, cheaper and more convenient fuel, keeping Australian cars on the road longer, for less.




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