Staying Ahead of the Game with Autogas

Choosing to have your vehicle converted to LPG – Autogas – is a big decision, especially if you love your car!

But a conversion done on your vehicle can actually help you to get ahead in the game, with all of the benefits of autogas.

If you manage a fleet where your vehicles rack up a lot of kilometres, you can cut your costs by choosing to run your vehicles on autogas, instead of diesel or petrol.

Keep Driving for Longer

Most conversions make your vehicle to be a dual fuel system.roadway-1081736_1920

Duel fuel systems are optimal, if you want to increase cruising range, because you will have the opportunity to switch between fuels, as needed.

This means that if it looks like you are running low one fuel, you can switch to the other.

So, you don’t have to stop if you don’t want to.

Although there are about 3,000 autogas dealers across Australia, if you do find yourself in an area where refuelling is inconvenient, you can continue with the other fuel.

Stop Worrying about Fluctuating Petrol Prices

LPG prices fluctuate less than petrol prices do.frightened-1172122_1920

Unlike the petrol price cycle, LPG stays steady, saving you even more during the high points of the cycle.

With a duel fuel system, you can always fill up with low priced LPG, even if petrol is high that week.

You can also go from low price point to low price point when you need to refill with petrol, by using autogas in between.

This is the best way to beat the fluctuating price cycle system, whilst still being able to drive unrestricted distances.

Avoid Regular Trips to the Mechanic

Autogas burns far more cleanly than petrol or diesel, meaning that there are less carbon deposits produced within your engine.   car-repair-362150_1920

Most of the carbon is expelled from the exhaust but some of the carbon will stay in the engine and form a build-up on various components.

These deposits inhibit your engine from working as efficiently as it should, and it can also be corrosive.

Many people replace them on a regular schedule so that their engine keeps running as efficiently as possible.

However, autogas produces less carbon and fewer internal carbon deposits, as well as reducing exhaust emissions.

Les carbon accumulation means that your engine should have a longer lifespan and that you will have to change your oil and spark plugs less frequently.

With fewer trips to the mechanic to think about, you save both time and money.

The Business Edge

If your business involves a lot of driving, you can get a competitive edge by converting your whole fleet to run on LPG.keyboard-621830_1920

In addition to saving money on maintenance costs and getting extended range, you will soon start to bank huge savings on fuel.

Assuming a $3000 per conversion, you would be able to completely cover the cost of the work in around 24 months assuming the vehicle covers at least 30,000km per year.

The more you use the vehicle, the quicker the payback.

The kilometres add up quickly even if you average under 200km per day.

For example, driving 125km per day for 5 days per week, for 48 weeks per year, you are already driving 30,000km per year.

Using the same maths, if you average 250km per day, your payback would be in approximately 12 months.

Once you have covered the conversion costs, the savings just drop straight to the bottom line.

If you run a large fleet of vehicles, your savings could run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Autogas is used by thousands of firms worldwide, including big names like UPS.

Final Thoughts

Staying ahead of the game is easy with Autogas.

Talk to a conversion specialist for all of the details, including cost and timing.

Once you have all of the facts and figure, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the features, advantages and benefits of LPG conversion.

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