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Victorian port of entry for Autogas systems

Local vehicle manufacturing moving to import model

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Our services provide business to business partnerships supporting the nation’s transport and fueling network. Fleet companies can now have the choice of a seamless Autogas installation prior to new car delivery, providing an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) styled system and service covering a broad range of vehicle selections.
We are committed to ensuring Autogas remains an attractive fuel energy source for transport by delivering lower operating costs to consumers, and lower emissions to the community.

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Australian Autogas Fuels Fleets

  • Autogas is an indigenous fuel supported by local infrastructure & National Energy reserves delivering fuel security;
  • Emissions reductions of CO2 by up to 15% with an 80% reduction of particulate matter compared to diesel engines;
  • Fuel operating costs reduced with applicable system payback <50,000 km;
  • Going Green: Corporate social responsibility can boost your bottom line. Companies dedicated to making a positive social or environmental impact can create goodwill for their organisations reputation and contribute positively to brand health and performance.

Benefits of Autogas Systems

  • Autogas is cleaner compared to traditional petroleum. Diesel fuel systems create dangerous carcinogens and greenhouse gases that contribute to 3.6 million deaths each year (WHO1), making them the fourth-largest cause of premature deaths in the world;
  • Autogas is approximately 40 to 45% cheaper than traditional fuels, such as petroleum or diesel because it attracts a lower tax excise;
  • There are over 2,500 Autogas enabled service stations around Australia;
  • Performance of the modern Autogas systems have advanced technological features utilising the latest fuel injection systems delivering seamless power and torque.

How does it work?

  • Request the Autogas COE fitment option when purchasing your vehicles from your dealer;
  • The dealer may then place an order through the COE fitment center where your vehicle will undergo a process to fit the Autogas dual fuel system during vehicle commissioning process;
  • The vehicle is delivered to the dealer for the final registration process and delivery to the client.

Autogas Injection Systems Euro 5/6 Ready

Certified to Australian standards

Supporting strict quality control management

Quality Control

Assured with the delayed original equipment style fitment process


Approx 2 years/50,000 km

Vehicle Service Network

Secure Autogas National Service Support Network available

Service Schedule Aligned

As per manufacturer requirements with 4 minor service schedules over 3 years/150,000 km

Servicing Dealers Available

Seamless support via selected dealer/networks

Engineering Designs to Assist Specific Fleet Requirements

A Fuel That Saves You Money

Autogas is approximately 45% lower in price than petrol, resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings every year!

Example of Savings

Toyota Camry 2.5Ltr


per year



per year

AUTOGAS SAVES YOU $1,022* per year

*Source: Gas Buddy. Pricing National Average Pulp 95 @ 139.61 & Autogas 68.45 Cpl.using 10% dual fuel operation.

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