Autogas is convenient, cleaner and cheaper.

 o   Autogas is a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG is a cleaner and more environment friendly fuel alternative, emitting around 15% less greenhouse gases.

 o   Using LPG is also better for car engines, as it reduces wear and carbon build up during the internal combustion process. This potentially prolongs the life of your engine.

 o   There are over 2,500 LPG-enabled service stations around Australia.

 o   LPG is 46% cheaper than traditional fuels, such as petroleum or diesel. Take a look at the Australian Automobile Association average fuel prices.

 o   Traditional petroleum and diesel fuel systems create dangerous carcinogens and greenhouse gases that cause 3.6 million deaths each year (WHO), making them the forth-largest cause of premature deaths in the world.




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